Monday, June 29, 2009

Cleaning up

Spring or in my case Summer cleaning has always brought its share of stress mostly due to a lot of uncertainty about what to do with a lot of papers and chotchkies that I’ve collected since my last overhaul.

While I’ve already done a lot of the basics to getting through a clean-up/re-organization of my office clutter, this time I’m approaching it with a different set of criteria:

Would I keep this if I were moving?

As a result, lots of papers that I’d organized, or would have filed away “just in case” were tossed into my recycling or to-be-shredded pile. While it was a little uncomfortable at first, I felt lighter by the end.

It changed the feel of my space up so much that clients and visitors mentioned how much better they felt just being in the space.

The next time you take a crack at your clutter, pretend that you’ll be lifting and hauling it around to your next home. Is it worth it now?