Thursday, April 23, 2009

For the manager of a solid company whose staff insists the sky is falling

Talk to them individually to get confirmation on what they each think is happening or will happen to the company. This will also provide an opportunity to find out if there's one particular person stirring the negativity pot, or if something non-work related is affecting their mood at the office.

Try to help with the non-work related issues privately.

Then bring the group together and have the luncheon where you list, in a very caring tone, the concerns they've brought up. Ask if there's anything else, and then address each point. You should include anecdotes for times you've dealt with similar issues, openly talk about the financial situation (if relevant), and set your direction for the future (including what role they'll each be playing in that direction).

Then go bowling afterwards - who doesn't love bowling?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Bernie Madoff Couldn’t Steal From My Friend

Everyone's been affected by the recession. My friend, Matt, just happened to be affected by the now most famous of frauds, Bernie Madoff. There's a few interesting things about Matt though - he's got a great attitude, is resourceful, and is a very talented speaker who can share his story like no other.

Below is a video of a speech he gave recently. It touches on the themes of things I strongly believe in - stress is a reaction, you can choose your own reactions, leverage your community to bring yourself greater happiness, Antarctica is a cool place (pardon the pun).

A quick intro by Matt:

"I want to preface this by saying that if this is the first you are hearing that Geneen and I were long-time investors with Bernie Madoff and got financially whacked when he turned out to be a fraud--- I want you to know that we’re doing okay. More than okay, actually--- we’ve both been in a fabulously creative period this past few months since the Madoff debacle. Enjoy the video (no, really, it has some good laughs in it!) and please pass the link on to anyone you know who might find it valuable.
Much love,


(in case you can't see the video - see it directly on YouTube)