Thursday, June 7, 2007

Annoying vs. Necessary

Today I was discussing with a client how annoying a person could be in relation to how necessary they are as well as when they are told about their behavior. The following chart is what we came up with.

People start out being "Welcome." As they become more annoying, they enter the "nuisance" zone where they are usually told about their disliked behavior. If they keep up the negative trend, they then become "avoided." In addition, if this is in a work environment, too much more and they'll be fired.

Everyone can be a little annoying, but the slack they get (i.e. when they shift from "welcome" to "nuisance" to "avoided" is in direct proportion to how necessary they are. In the chart below Person A (PA) has a "necessary value" of 6, and Person B (PB) has one of 18. As a result, PA has only two "annoying units" before they told about their behavior. If they continue to 5 units, they're given up on and just muttered about behind their back. Once they reach 7 units they're fired.

Meanwhile at 7 units PB is only now shifting into "nuisance" area - being told about their unacceptable behavior.

So basically we all have a choice if we want to be "welcome"
1) Get along with others (i.e. don't annoy others)
2) Become more necessary
3) Not interact with others

Or you could just not care what others think.

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