Friday, February 12, 2010

One for the broken hearted

My favorite dying line of a movie ...
Harold: I love you.
Maude: Harold... that's wonderful. Go and love some more.
So often we get caught up in the unknown of what will happen after what we're used to ends. That unknown is scary. There's more to the story than we can see at such dramatic times.
You mean the story goes on? I have to love again? But it won't be the same!!


Everything changes and evolves.

UpI hope you've seen the movie Up. If not, I'm not giving much away when I tell you that the growth depicted of the kid-->old man's love for his friend-->wife is so moving that when I saw it half the audience was in tears. It's a glorious relationship.

But It's when he takes the leap and allows himself to love the scout and bird that he's finally open to the next chapter of his life. And since he's alive, he might as well live. So he makes active choices to decide what he's going to do and who he wants to join him for that part of the journey.

What's the next chapter of your life? What do you want to do?

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