Sunday, September 5, 2010

Take Your Pick of Reactions

There are lots of emotional reactions you can choose to respond with at any given situation. One thing is certain - regardless of the situation, stress is never the best reaction - it's just a warning that something needs to change. Heed the warning, then pick a different reaction to continue with.

So go ahead and pick a reaction you you feel would better serve you when you encounter your next "stressful situation." You don't need to pick "the best" reaction, as long as it's better than stress your experience will improve. All it takes to change your reaction is practicing your desired one and a mindset to do so.

Positive Emotional Reactions
Adequate Awe Assured Able
Capable Certain Charmed Cheerful
Comfortable Compassion Courageous Confident
Determined Delighted Eager Energetic
Enthusiastic Excited Exhilarated Expectant
Elation Empathy Excellent Fascinated
Glad Good Great Grateful
Glorious Glamorous Graceful Happy
Hopeful Humorous Inspired Interested
Joyful Magnificent Lust Love
Pleasure Playfulness Peaceful Pleasant
Powerful Prideful Upbeat Relaxed
Relieved Satisfied Surprised Sympathy
Stable Sublime Superior Thrilled
Negative Emotional Reactions
Annoyed Anxious Apprehensive Agonize
Anger Anxiety Apathy Bored
Burdened Cautious Competitive Concerned
Confused Contempt Depressed Destructive
Disgusted Distracted Doubtful Disappointed
Exasperated Exhausted Embarrassment Envy
Frustrated Fear Guilty Greed
Grief Harassed Hesitant Hostile
Ignored Impatient Indifferent Intimidated
Isolated Irritated Jealous Jumpy
Lonely Mad Manipulated Miserable
Obnoxious Overwhelmed Panic Pressured
Remorse Revenge Shame Sad
Scared Shocked Suspicious Stress
Tired Uncomfortable Uneasy Used
Wary Weary Wasteful

This list was compiled by There are lots more out there. Find and share them!

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