Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm not a mind reader, just a prognosticator

Remember my post on paparazzi?

I recently taped a segment on life coaching for
Late Show with David Letterman where I was one of five life coaches to work with Andy Kindler (a comedian they frequently have on the show - do a search on YouTube for examples of his comedy).

For about 90 minutes on a park bench in Central Park we discussed, among other things, the stresses of a stand-up comedian and relationship issues. We poked fun at life in general, the people watching us, and coaching over the phone.

I have no idea what will make the final edits, but was told by the director, "You're going to be happy with it." So that's a good sign.

I am very thankful to those I contacted for help and advice on how to best prepare for the experience. You were all great! You definitely helped me get in the right mindset by playing up my strengths, and putting the risk and expectations into perspective.

Strengths: My improv and performance background tremendously helpful. While we were talking I was oblivious to the camera, crew, and passers by. I was very calm, and tried to balance coaching Andy on the issues he presented, as well as keeping the mood light (it is a comedy show after all).

Risk and Expectations: People put in this position for the first time are expected to not look good. Anything above that is just bonus.

I'll be given up to 24 hours notice prior to air-date. Which means you'll be given even less to Tivo it. I will send out an email to my newsletter as soon as I get the info. If you're not yet signed up, do so, or check back here daily during November ;)


Zuño Kristal said...

Hey Zohar,
This is great. Congratulations. I am sure that you did a great job and I am looking forward to see the show.
I am glad that you knew how to manage your own stress of being in National TV.

Anonymous said...

Beats MY chasing my tail on "Stupid Pet Tricks" ;)

Anonymous said...

I've set my DVR to record Letterman for the next month . . .