Monday, November 26, 2007

Outrage - it's what people expect

Many people take their sports very seriously - particularly those on the national professional level. And you'd think that the quarterback of an NFL team would be at the top of such a list.

When asked if he was angry, shocked or embarrassed by turning over the ball 4 times (costing his team 28 points, and the game), Giants' quarterback Eli Manning responded with, "Just disappointed."

Now, in addition to being upset about losing the game on such a poor performance, many fans are even more furious at him because he isn't feeling more - that he isn't caught up in the wave of emotion that has swept over them.

The thing is that Eli Manning has never been one for big emotions - not after important games where he's played superbly, nor after dismal ones. I think this is one of his best qualities.

Who would you want in tough situations - an even-keeled guy that could keep a clear head, and not get confused by his emotions, or an erratic one that's subject to wide swings depending on the moment? (remember how quickly Howard Dean lost his elect-ability after his scream/rant in the '04 primary?)

In the long-run, it doesn't pay to have big mood swings anyway.
After all, we don't really know what's going to happen next as a result of an event (as is well illustrated by a Chinese parable).

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