Monday, November 5, 2007

Write or Wrong?

Whichever side you fall on with the Writers' Guild strike, there's one thing that you must agree with - it may or may not affect my appearance on Letterman.

Considering that Late Show has gone to re-runs (no one to write Top 10 lists), it may be a while until my segment airs. Since there's no way for me to know one way or another what will come of it, all I can do is shrug, and proceed with the implied understanding that I'll make the best of whatever happens. (after all, I still have the subtle satisfaction that my life is awesome)

But you guys didn't come here to read that - you want Letterman-style entertainment! ith that in mind - I provide my first Top 10 list...

Top 10 things I learned from taping a Late Show segment:
10. A camera crew does not mean a celebrity is in the vicinity
9. Food is not provided at shoots
8. Arrive early
7. Be prepared to wait
6. Share meaningful content within seven second or risk being cut-off
5. Sit on the tails of your jacket - it'll help you sit up straight
4. New Yorkers will be so oblivious to a camera setup that they'll walk in the three feet between camera and actors
3. Check your zipper
2. Let the comedian be the funny one - they dislike being upstaged
1. Take everything with a grain of salt - it's a comedy show afterall

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