Friday, May 4, 2007

Do you have two minutes?

I recently attended a two day workshop on the Sedona Method - a technique developed in 1952 by Lester Levenson, when doctors told him he only had a short time to left live. (He lived another 42 years because of this method.)

It takes you through a series of questions that gently confront and breakdown emotional frustrations.

Naturally at the end of the workshop I was feeling very relaxed and open. It was a gorgeous eventing and I went to eat dinner in the garden of a restaurant around the corner from my apartment.

I continued my habit of exchanging a few polite words with the waitress. At one point she said, "I wish I could be as relaxed as you are."

"Do you have two minutes?" I replied.

She said she didn't - at least not right then, but came by a few minutes later. I had her sit down across from me, took her through the Sedona Method, and humbly accepted her sincere thanks when she got up feeling more joyous and calm.

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